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Company profile

The translation service B. Scalidis was founded in 1985 in Frankfurt by Basile Scalidis, the present Managing Director.
After 20 years of constant growth the translation service B. Scalidis is known as one of the leading translation offices in Frankfurt.

Our office is specialized in Greek language translations of commercial and technical documents for big multinational business and governmental organisations.


Our team with headquarter in Frankfurt and closely co-operating with partners in Germany and Greece, handles competently and efficiently tasks and projects within short time.
We offer prompt and flexible services and solutions at high quality level and at best cost conditions in following fields:

  • Translations
  • Greek lessons
  • Interpret

In these fields we are using internally developed working processes, combined with experienced methods of the Project Management.

We are striving for a long-term co-operation with our customers, staff and partners.
The foundation therefore should always be trust, mutual respect and engagement.